PLANET Plateform

Processing of PLANt products with Emergent Technologies


The Processing of Plant products with Emergent Technologies (PLANET) platform of JRU on Biopolymers and Emerging Technologies (UMR IATE) is a technology platform working on the processing and valorization of various plant raw materials, labeled Collective Scientific Infrastructure (ISC) by INRAE since 2018, and linked to the Consumer/Food/Health Research Infrastructure (CAliS).

The PLANET platform works on the processing and valorization of plants. Its missions are to:
- participate in research programs;
- contribute to the development of methods and processes for the valorization of plant raw materials for various fields of application (food, biomaterials and bioenergy);
- develop scientific collaborations with external partners;
- support training and the dissemination of knowledge.

PLANET brings together a unique set of instrumented pilot facilities for studying and characterizing the main unit operations involved in plant processing. This approach makes it possible to optimize the use of natural resources (products and co-products, energy) and to study the impact of processes on their functional properties.

The platform's activities focus on a number of different areas:
- fractionation, separation and sorting of plant matter by the dry process;
- structuring and hydro-thermal treatment of agro-composites (food and non-food);
- characterization of granular and continuous media.
The PLANET platform brings its technical skills to bear on the study of the relationships between raw material structure, processes and the properties of the resulting materials.

The plant raw materials processed by the PLANET platform are diverse, including: cereals; legumes; straw; wood; algae; bio-polymers...

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